Rottnest Island Accommodation

Rottnest Island near Perth is blithely referred to as "Rotto" and is a paradise on earth. There is no shortage of wildlife and superb aspects of nature to take in on Rottnest Island. The Resort Island is not only close to Perth, but also to the Port of Fremantle.

The long inviting beaches and other attractions on the island make it impossible not to stay a night or two. Tourists are advised to pack cool clothing, as the weather in Rottnest Island is hot around peak tourist time.

There is ample accommodation on Rottnest Island that suits both the intrepid traveller and comfort seeker. The style of accommodation on the island is quite different from accommodation in Perth and Fremantle.

For a swanky overnight stay, the Rottnest Lodge is a winner in the category of hotels on Rottnest Island. There are Rottnest Island resort packages that include stylish accommodation, breakfast and ferry passes. For a touch of Victorian-style luxury you can stay at the Quokka Arms Hotel and staff and perhaps you may see one of these furry quokkas.

Hands up! Who's keen for a Rottnest camping adventure? This is one way of seeing the island on a budget. A great way to soak up the Rottnest sea air is at the Allison and Caroline Thomson Camping Grounds, but camping gear is required.

Other styles of accommodation on Rottnest include cabins, bungalows and barracks. There is a website that contains maps of Rottnest Island and Western Australia, and in-depth information about Rottnest accommodation and Rottnest Island attractions.

Introducing Rottnest Island

Introducing Rottnest Island

Thinking of an exotic island getaway? Look no further than Perth's own Rottnest Island. more >>

Rottnest Island Attractions

Rottnest Island Attractions

Whether it's scuba diving on Rottnest Island or playing a round of golf, you'll love the fantastic scenery. more >>

Rottnest Island Accommodation

Rottnest Island Accommodation

There are Rottnest Island resort packages that include stylish accommodation. more >>

Rottnest Island Map


Make the most of your journey and plot your day by exploring a Rottnest Island map first. more >>

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